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10/30/17 03:32pm   NBAA Aviation Update
09/29/17 05:09pm   FAA Extension
02/27/17 09:32am   Trump and New Regulations
08/18/14 09:35am   His Arm Did Not FALL OFF!!!
03/28/14 12:29pm   A Takeoff Window For Drones
02/01/14 12:13pm   Hiring Opportunities for Vets
01/28/14 09:40am   A Report Shows you How to Pass Your Medical
11/25/13 08:36am   Avgas
09/17/13 08:47am   The reason for aviation safety: the protocols we adhere to and why
07/19/13 02:02pm   AOPA News...
02/20/12 10:49am   GAO: FAA Behind Schedule, Over Budget On NextGen
12/12/11 10:37am   Colorado Seeks Spaceport Status
12/02/11 10:58am   NBAA, AOPA, EAA Welcome FAA's Decision to Fully Restore BARR Availability
10/27/11 09:35am   FAA AD Warns Of 757 Stabilizer Control Failure
10/27/11 09:33am   GAO Examines
10/26/11 10:35am   Mica Says FAA Funding Deal Possible
04/27/11 10:15am   Industry, FAA seek fix for knowledge tests Reforms coming, but question banks remain in place
03/29/11 12:15pm   Asleep on the Job
03/10/11 11:43am   Northern California pilots’ help sought in NextGen planning
03/07/11 01:22pm   NBAA: FAA Proposal
03/07/11 01:05pm   NBAA Opposes New Limitations on Participation in the Block Aircraft Registration Request (BARR) Pr
03/02/11 09:44am   Laser Pointing Might Be Federal Crime
03/02/11 09:42am   NBAA's Bolen Urges Aviation Investment
01/13/11 03:04pm   Airworthiness bulletins stress Piper corrosion inspections
01/13/11 02:56pm   NTSB addresses airbags in GA aircraft
01/06/11 11:39am   NTSB: Inspect ELT Mounts
12/22/10 12:20pm   Short-term FAA bill pushes reauthorization to 2011
12/22/10 12:15pm   First flight for FAA-conforming HondaJet
12/02/10 01:59pm   Kodiak Icing System FAA Certified
09/21/10 01:52pm   FAA funds for Aspen airport runway could be ready soon
08/30/10 01:15pm   How the FAA Works Against Safety
08/27/10 02:46pm   Qualifying A Professional Business Aviation Flight Attendant
08/27/10 02:44pm   Holding The Line, TFRs, NORAD And General Aviation
07/22/10 11:29am   FAA reauthorization bill could be ready this week
07/21/10 01:38pm   FAA Requires Aircraft Registration Renewals
07/21/10 01:33pm   FAA Computer Upgrades Coincide With AirVenture
07/08/10 03:33pm   Aircraft re-registration requirement on horizon
07/08/10 03:29pm   FAA wrong to exempt gliders from new rule
07/08/10 01:47pm   FAA, TSA Amend DC Flight Rules
07/08/10 01:45pm   FAA Ponders Changes To LSA Certification
07/01/10 02:02pm   Court Clears Controller In Sport-Jet Crash
06/28/10 12:25pm   FAA seeks tighter control at Long Beach Airport
06/26/10 11:42am   FAA: ADS-B technology officially up and running in Alaska
06/19/10 11:17am   Pilot involved in Gulf cleanup gets fighter escort
06/18/10 12:26pm   FAA Rejects Accusations About Oil Spill Access
05/10/10 01:09pm   NBAA Concerned About FAA Registry Policy Change on Use of Trusts
04/26/10 10:49pm   DOT Inspector General Warns Of NextGen Delays
04/26/10 10:32pm   Atlantic City Airport named test site for new system that speeds important updates to pilots
03/26/10 03:26pm   FAA issues recommendations for experimental Lancairs
03/26/10 03:10pm   CFI Refresher Now Live Online
03/24/10 02:53pm   Senate passes long-term FAA reauthorization bill
03/24/10 02:50pm   Senate GA supporters spoke out for industry in FAA bill
03/22/10 09:56am   FAA Requests 32 Percent More Money For 2011
03/18/10 10:26am   ADS-B Goes Live In Philadelphia
03/18/10 10:14am   Congress Aims To Change FAA Airport Access Policy
03/18/10 09:55am   Next Generation Air Transportation System
03/18/10 09:48am   Senate Moves To Change Flight Rules
03/11/10 12:07pm   Pilot's License Deadline
03/11/10 11:58am   Air traffic modernization on Congress' radar but funding isn't
03/08/10 12:35pm   Pilots Support Kid Controller's Dad
01/14/10 07:08pm   "Position And Hold" Change Expected Soon
01/14/10 06:57pm   ADS-B Up And Running In The Gulf
12/18/09 11:28am   New FAA Policy Adversely Affects All Airports
11/30/09 11:05pm   FAA Bans Takeoffs with Polished Frost
11/28/09 12:40pm   Latest Crash Prompts Rules For Zodiac Aircraft
11/28/09 12:08pm   Efforts Increase To Integrate Unmanned Aircraft
11/23/09 01:05pm   Hundreds of flights across United States fouled up as FAA’s flight-plan system crashes once again
11/23/09 12:56pm   Safer skies over the Hudson
11/23/09 12:47pm   FAA changing departure procedures at SM Airport
11/20/09 11:03am   Feds boost number of air traffic controllers in Fairbanks
11/20/09 10:52am   FAA Reauthorization Nears New Extension
11/20/09 10:51am   Lockheed announces FSS consolidations
11/20/09 10:49am   FAA needs to provide continuous traffic uplink
11/20/09 10:08am   FAA chief: Unmanned aircraft not ready for routine U.S. use
11/20/09 09:41am   Chinese Jet Gets Boost From Obama
11/18/09 09:01am   FAA Finalizes Changes in Hudson River Airspace to Enhance Safety
11/17/09 04:07pm   An Air-Traffic Upgrade to Improve Travel by Plane
11/12/09 01:55pm   FAA Tightens Rules On Pilot DUI
11/12/09 01:49pm   ALPA Adopts New Pilot Fatigue Policy
11/12/09 01:15pm   New Organization Fights FAA Hangar Home Directive
11/11/09 03:20pm   Airworthiness Directives
11/11/09 03:18pm   The Fight For Hangar Homes
11/11/09 03:14pm   Pilots strongly urged not to fly Zodiac CH601XL, CH650
11/06/09 12:26pm   New program to help pilots keep medical certificates
11/03/09 01:22pm   NextGen Panel Warns Of Obstacles
11/02/09 10:49am   GAO Report On Safety Effects Of Age 65 Rule
11/02/09 10:47am   FAA Issues Massive Proposed AD For Pipers
10/14/09 12:52pm   Airport to build 'safety zone'
10/06/09 10:58am   FAA Committed To NextGen Recommendations
10/01/09 03:24pm   Coalition Says FAA Reauthorization
09/21/09 01:24pm   FAA publishes findings on amateur-built aircraft
08/31/09 01:55pm   154 instrument approaches could face chopping block
08/18/09 12:11pm   Babbitt: Light Sport Safety Not in Question
08/13/09 12:14pm   Sport pilot interpretation renews debate
07/15/09 10:28am   Senate Bill Sets 2018 Target For NextGen Program