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02/06/18 10:34am   AOPA Announces 2018 Scholarship Programs
10/30/17 03:36pm   AOPA Live
10/20/17 02:41pm   AOPA
09/29/17 05:09pm   FAA Extension
07/29/17 02:47pm   AOPA Flyin
07/29/17 02:37pm   Inexpensive Merlin aircraft making gains
07/29/17 01:47pm   Light sport Eagle Viper SD4 costs less than $90,000Light sport Eagle Viper SD4 costs less than $90,0
06/11/17 11:13am   AOPA Live
06/06/17 11:48am   AOPA ANNOUNCEMENTS
04/28/16 04:49pm   Rare Boeing 247 Makes Last Flight
03/28/16 11:05am   Spin Doctor Crushes Record
12/15/15 11:01am   FAA Announces Drone Registration Rules
01/28/14 09:42am   Open letter from AOPA President Mark Baker
01/17/14 11:34am   Regional events bring AOPA to members
11/25/13 08:36am   Avgas
11/25/13 08:35am   Hold Your Breath........ Update from AOPA
08/21/13 03:26pm   Popular Aviation Retailer Supports AOPA Flying Club Initiative, Annual Aviation Summit
08/12/13 06:57am   What is the AOPA Flying Club Finder and how can it help my club?
07/19/13 02:02pm   AOPA News...
06/20/13 07:35am   Organize a Flying Club - AOPA
05/31/13 11:10am   AOPA Releases Upgrade For Popular FlyQ Pocket App
05/30/13 11:00am   DTC DUAT Supports AOPA’s Flying Clubs Initiative (13-2-014)
03/26/13 12:12pm   Wings of Carolina Flying Club: Safe, low-cost flying
01/07/13 11:26am   Dracula prepares for Franklin's Flying Circus debut
01/03/13 10:34am   New Real Pilot Story: Ambushed by Ice
12/17/12 01:59pm   Top 10 Air Safety Institute products of 2012
12/13/12 08:11am   PILOT PROTECTION from AOPA
12/11/12 02:52pm   Beautiful Photography from AOPA
12/03/12 08:57am   Ownership: Tube and Fabric 101
11/23/12 02:18pm   Little jet, big impact.
10/11/12 10:31am   Pilot, City Commissioner Honored with AOPAs Lets Go Flying Award
12/02/11 10:58am   NBAA, AOPA, EAA Welcome FAA's Decision to Fully Restore BARR Availability
11/23/11 12:00pm   ZD Publishing Announces New Garmin G300 Manual
06/28/11 02:20pm   Cirrus completes China merger
04/27/11 10:15am   Industry, FAA seek fix for knowledge tests Reforms coming, but question banks remain in place
04/01/11 11:15am   Sun ’n Fun reopens after severe storm
03/15/11 12:10pm   Gorman Aviation, Inc.
03/10/11 11:43am   Northern California pilots’ help sought in NextGen planning
03/10/11 11:40am   Air Safety Institute’s latest ‘Nall Report’ now available
03/10/11 11:36am   'Save our GPS,' groups urge
03/07/11 12:56pm   EAA’s Hightower, leadership team visit AOPA headquarters
03/07/11 12:53pm   Connecticut governor’s tax bills take aim at GA Tax proposals could devastate business, AOPA warns
03/07/11 12:52pm   Poll: Do you favor or oppose a privacy provision that would allow aircraft operators to continue to
01/13/11 02:56pm   NTSB addresses airbags in GA aircraft
01/13/11 02:53pm   Piper to terminate PiperSport sales
12/22/10 12:20pm   Short-term FAA bill pushes reauthorization to 2011
12/22/10 12:15pm   First flight for FAA-conforming HondaJet
12/22/10 12:12pm   State incentive keeps Hawker Beechcraft in Wichita
08/30/10 01:10pm   Coalition Calls For More Study On Leaded Avgas
07/21/10 01:38pm   FAA Requires Aircraft Registration Renewals
07/08/10 03:59pm   Las Vegas Wants to THANK YOU Mr. Obama
07/08/10 03:33pm   Aircraft re-registration requirement on horizon
07/08/10 03:10pm   Avgas: Beyond the 'silver bullet'
07/08/10 01:28pm   Pelton, Fuller Take A Look At GAMI's G100UL
07/01/10 02:15pm   Help end the threats Airports aren’t renewable resources
07/01/10 01:48pm   Owners Group Presses AOPA On Fuel Issue
06/26/10 11:29am   Louisiana airports to gain land-use protection
06/21/10 03:53pm   FCC Bans 121.5 ELTS
04/26/10 10:48pm   General Aviation Industry Prepares for an Unleaded Future
04/26/10 10:45pm   Tennessee proclaims value of GA
04/26/10 10:29pm   Homeless Cub Thief Gets Nine Months
03/26/10 03:26pm   FAA issues recommendations for experimental Lancairs
03/26/10 03:13pm   NTSB Finds Communications Breakdown In Northwest Overflight
03/26/10 02:48pm   Pilots protest developer’s vision for Oceano Airport
03/24/10 02:50pm   Senate GA supporters spoke out for industry in FAA bill
03/04/10 12:30pm   Suspensions result from child controller incident
03/01/10 11:27am   AOPA: Why The User Fees Battle Isn't Over
02/18/10 01:47pm   Airports and State Advocacy AOPA
01/07/10 11:24am   1911 Airplane found in Antarctica
01/07/10 11:17am   What's in a name? Aircraft and cars share monikers
11/30/09 11:13pm   ‘Kindred spirits’: New mentor program links students, pilots
11/28/09 12:50pm   NextGen funding would spur jobs
11/20/09 10:49am   FAA needs to provide continuous traffic uplink
11/13/09 01:37pm   Government Advocacy
11/12/09 02:14pm   Backcountry Advocates Take Their Message To Tampa
11/12/09 02:12pm   AOPA’s President Craig Fuller Visits Nation’s Newest Recreational Airstrip
11/12/09 01:20pm   Women's Wing Debuts At AOPA Summit
11/11/09 03:27pm   FAA Funding Bill
11/11/09 03:25pm   Senators Push For FAA Bill ASAP
11/06/09 12:26pm   New program to help pilots keep medical certificates
11/03/09 01:24pm   Education, compatible land use called for at North Las Vegas
11/02/09 11:40am   A Letter from AOPA President Craig Fuller to USA Today
10/14/09 12:47pm   Airports and State Advocacy Washington proposes stronger protections for GA airports
10/06/09 11:12am   Training and Safety
10/01/09 03:24pm   Coalition Says FAA Reauthorization
09/30/09 11:35pm   Aviation Alliance Survey Shows Positive Impact Of GA
09/21/09 12:44pm   USA Today Spotlight On GA Funding Ignites GA Reaction
09/01/09 02:07pm   AOPA Aviation Summit Offers Educational Seminars
08/27/09 02:30pm   Get a glimpse inside the tower
08/13/09 12:14pm   Sport pilot interpretation renews debate
08/07/09 12:02am   It's Thunderstorm Season — Take ASF's New Thunderstorm Safety Quiz!
07/30/09 11:53am   EAA And AOPA Make Their Collaboration Official
07/30/09 11:48am   Ready to float on air with Goodyear?
07/21/09 12:10pm   Finding AOPA at AirVenture
07/15/09 10:26am   CBS Story Hits Small Airport Stimulus Grants
07/13/09 11:03am   Angel Flight Central imperiled by Obama administration’s budget
06/25/09 01:38pm   Government Advocacy