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blank 07/30/17 02:51PM AirVenture, EAA, Vulcanair

Vulcanair Shows A Skyhawk Competitor


Three years ago during AVwebís Aero coverage, we reported on a new four-place training aircraft from the Italian company Vulcanair. This week at AirVenture, the company showed the airplane in the U.S. for the first time. The Vulcanair 1.0 looks a lot like a Cessna Skyhawk because itís intended for the same market: training.

But Vulcanair is aiming to be aggressively price competitive in setting the stick price at $259,000 complete, with a Garmin G500 IR suit. The engine is Lycomingís 180-HP IO-360 equipped with a constant speed prop, so Vulcanair claims itís a bit faster than the Skyhawk in cruise and climbs better, too.

Max takeoff is 2446 pounds with a useful load of 882 pounds, according to Vulcanairís Remo Defeo, who we interviewed for this AVweb video this week during AirVenture. The 1.0 is already certified and selling in Europe and is expected to receive U.S. approval by the end of 2017.

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