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blank 06/19/17 09:33AM Hartzell, Meggitt/Stewart Warner, S-Series Heaters

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Meggitt (Troy), Inc. (formerly Stewart Warner Corp., South Wind Division) AD 2017-06-03 Hits The Streets Effective May 5, 2017

Applies to all South Wind Heaters installed in certificated aircraft.

NEWS FLASH! 6/06/2017: FAA approves A.M.O.C. for pressure decay testing 900 Series Stewart-Warner South Wind combustion aircraft heaters.

Hartzell Engine Technologies Introduces New FAA TSO Approved I-Series Cabin Heaters

Montgomery, Alabama. October 10, 2012 - Hartzell Engine Technologies LLC (HET) has received FAA TSO approval for its new I-Series of aircraft cabin heaters. Adapted from its military proven S-Series heaters, the I-Series heaters contain a new combustion tube constructed of Inconel®, a material proven to provide superior performance over ceramic coated stainless steel in extreme temperature applications. The I-Series heaters also feature a replaceable spark plug with an integral ground electrode to improve serviceability.

Hartzell’s new I-Series heaters directly replace Hartzell and Janitrol branded B-Series heaters and are exempt from the requirements of Airworthiness Directive 2004-21-05 applicable to the B-Series. The FAA has approved HET Service Bulletin A-101 revision G to provide installation approval for the I-Series in place of the B-Series. Hartzell will also offer factory rebuilt I-Series heaters and field upgrade kits to convert a B-Series heater to the new I-Series.


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