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Top Steel Buildings from Worldwide Steel Buildings
High Quality, All Purpose Steel Buildings

Since opening our state of the art manufacturing facility in 1983, Worldwide Steel Buildings has been delivering top quality steel buildings for every conceivable use. We own and operate the world’s largest open truss manufacturing facility and deliver high quality, reliable steel building kits and components.

By dealing with Worldwide Steel Buildings, you are buying direct from the manufacturer, thus eliminating the costly markup of a middleman. You can build your new steel building with the confidence of all our components utilizing only American made steel.

You Have More Options with Worldwide Steel Buildings

Our steel building kits come complete with everything you will need to build a reliable steel structure that will serve your needs for many years into the future. Some of our most popular uses are:

·         Agricultural Buildings

·         Aircraft Hangars

·         Horse Arenas

·         Churches

·         Recreation Centers

·         Garages

·         Workshops

·         Industrial Facilities

·         Storage Units

·         Residential Applications

High Quality

Worldwide Steel Buildings’ metal buildings are produced using only the highest quality, (oftentimes recycled) American steel. Our trusses are built on jig tables ensuring consistent quality across the board.

Superior Strength

Everything we build is made to withstand the harshest weather conditions mother nature can produce. All our secondary framing is produced and positioned using 2 foot centers leading to a much stronger, longer lasting end result.

Loftier Design

All our steel buildings are designed keeping local weather and building code environments at the forefront of our process. We have successfully constructed and/or provided successful steel building kits in each of the fifty states. Each designed to withstand the harshest environment the local weather can produce.

Outstanding Durability

The confidence level we have in our designs and materials is such that we offer a full fifty-year warranty. You will find our competition will generally offer a one-year warranty, whereas our warranty covers your investment decades longer.

Simplistic Assembly

Worldwide Steel Buildings are engineered for a simple modular assembly process. Our buildings do not require any heavy equipment or full foundation (a simple concrete footer or piers will generally suffice) and no welding. Everything bolts or screws together. If you can tighten a bolt, you can build a Worldwide Steel Buildings’ metal building.

Contact Worldwide Steel Buildings today at 888-229-9972 to get started on your steel building project, or just to learn more about our outstanding products and services and the improvements 2016 has already started to bring. The building you build today should be designed and built to serve you for many tomorrows, and we guarantee that for fifty years!

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