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Manassas Airshow & Open House 2016
May 7, 2016; Manassas, Virginia

Manassas Regional Airport Airshow & Open House

Airshow Performers!
Many of the finest local aerobatic performers are coming to the Annual Air Show and Open House at Manassas Regional Airport in 2016. You’ll see some of the top aerobatic pilots and teams! Everyone with the Manassas Airshow is passionate about aviation and airshow entertainment. Our goal is to inspire you and the future aviators of tomorrow with safe, top quality, family friendly entertainment.

SHAR, the Sea Harrier and Nalls Aviation
Art Nalls, a retired Marine Corps Harrier pilot, purchased the FA.2 Sea Harrier in 2006. SHAR is a single-engine, single-seat, Vertical and Short Take-off and Landing (VSTOL) aircraft built for the British Navy. She is the first, and only, privately owned and flown Harrier.

Scott Francis, MXS
Scott has been performing in airshows since 2006, beginning with a Pitts S-1T, then stepping up to a Giles 202, and currently flying the ultra-high performance MXS aircraft.  He currently possesses a surface level aerobatic waiver and flies in more than 30 airshows each year.
The Flying Circus, Stearman Flight and Wingwalking
The longest continuous running airshow in America, the Flying Circus takes you back to the Barnstorming era. Vintage biplanes fill the skies every Sunday from May through October. Biplane rides are available for those who want to feel the wind in their face.
Warrior Flight Team L-39 Albatross
A non-profit organization comprised of a team of individuals and assets assembled together to bring rewarding career opportunities to those who have served their country and sacrificed tremendously in the process. Through outreach events we find these deserving veterans, and through our airshow team and fundraisers, we grant them the opportunities to achieve their life goals.
 McKenna P-51 Mustang
Andrew McKenna, T-6 Texan and P-51 Mustang
Andrew McKenna is an instrument and commercial rated pilot with more than 1600 hours of flight time. He holds a surface level waiver for solo and formation aerobatics in both his T-6 Texan and P-51 Mustang. Over the past five years he has also participated in many flyovers at Arlington National Cemetery.
Randy DeVere, Nanchang CJ6A
Randy “DaBear” DeVere is a commercial instrument rated pilot in both single- and multi-engine aircrft and has flown many types of civilian and former military aircraft. His CJ6A, or Yak, is a former military trainer. Randy has been flying airshows for 17 years and recommends “Always feed the Bear”.
Greg Colyer, Ace Maker Airshows T-33 Shooting Star
Greg Colyer earned his pilot’s license while serving in the Army and has been flying since. He is a CFI with Commercial instrument ratings and holds a level 1 aerobatic card. Greg flew occasional airshows in the T-34 Mentor and L-29 Delfin before acquiring his T-33 in 2008. He founded the non-profit T-33 Heritage Foundation to help in the preservation of the type.

Charlie “V+12” VandenBossche, Yak-52
Charlie has been flying for more than 30 years, accumulating over 4,000 hours of flight time. In his military career he flew the T-38 Talon and B-1 bomber for the Air Force, and the F-16 Falcon for the AR ANG. He also has time in a variety of other aircraft, from pistons to jets. Charlie has flown airshows for 20 years as a military and civilian pilot. He purchased his Yak-52 last August.
Clemens Kuhlig, Chefpitts
Clemens Kuhlig earned his glider license before his drivers license. It took him 3 years to build his Pitts S1S in his garage, incorporating many improvements and modifications on the original design. He worked as a professional chef, which made his decision to name the little airplane “Chefpitts” easy. Clemens test flew his airplane in early 2013, and a few months later won “Best Homebuilt Biplane” at Sun ‘n Fun. His airshow program includes the only deadstick Pitts aerobatics on the circuit today.
3rd Dimension Productions, LLC Skydiving Exhibition Team
“We showcase the sport of skydiving as it is today; very fast and very accurate.” The group of skydivers from 3rd Dimension Productions has a combined total of more than 46,000 skydives and an average of 25 years in the sport. They have been doing demos in the mid-Atlantic Region since the mid-1990s, bringing a high level of excitement to each.
Kirk Wicker, J-3 Cub Comedy Act
Kirk has flown in competition and airshows since 1985. He is a multi-engine commercial and instrument rated pilot and holds a surface level aerobatics waiver. He thrills crowds with his performances in the mighty Stearman, flying solo and wingwalking acts, and deadstick and comedy acts in the Cub. Kirk finished a full restoration of the Cub in 2012. For many years he had been a performer at the Flying Circus and performs at 30 airshows each year.
American Helicopters
Flight Instructors from American Helicopters demonstrate the flight capabilities of the Robinson R-22 and R-44 helicopters. American Helicopters offers flight training, helicopter sales, aerial services and more. They are also a factory authorized service center for Robinson Helicopters.
Hobby Hangar, Remote Control Airplanes and Helicopters
Watch as RC pilots demonstrate their skills with their unique aircraft. Hobby Hangar is the place for everything RC related in the Northern Virginia/DC area. They have an extensive selection of cars, trucks, boats, airplanes, helicopters, and rockets, as well as parts and accessories. They are also a full-service setup and repair facility.
Patriot High School Marching Band and Color Guard
These high school students are musically talented, with an added layer of difficulty…marching while playing. They perform in concerts, march in ball games, parades, and the occasional airshow. The band and their Color Guard performed the opening ceremonies for the Manassas Airshow in last year and will be returning in 2016.
David Schultz Airshows
More than 21 years of expertise in all areas of airshow operations, including airbossing, announcing, and ground operations.

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