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Earn Your Wings Through an Accelerated Flight School Program


If you are considering flight school, there are a lot of reasons why you should enroll. You'll have to be prepared to work hard, but it will be worth it when you take all of the advantages you'll enjoy into account. If you want to obtain your certification faster, an accelerated training program may be the best choice.

Getting Your Career Off the Ground

Going to flight school means hundreds of hours in the air and intensive studying. If you're looking to begin a career in aviation, you may not want to wait the amount of time it takes to go through a regular program. The best solution may be an accelerated program so that you can progress quickly and get in the job market.

Accelerated training allows you to condense your training into a few months - or possibly even weeks - instead of years. You may be able to take consolidated courses while taking multiple flying lessons each week. You'll need to treat this as a full-time job, of course - you can expect to spend eight hours a day, five days a week. If you aren't 100 percent certain you can devote this amount of time, you need to consider another option. This kind of course is similar to military training in that you'll be alternating between classroom instruction and time in the air before you embark on longer flights.

Fast Progression

The main purpose of accelerated learning is to fast track students to ratings status. Students taking traditional courses may not be able to obtain an instrument rating or private pilot certificate for six months, where they could achieve those milestones within two weeks in an accelerated flight school.

Again, the reason this is possible is because of the schedule you'll be on - you'll be in class and in the air a combined eight hours a day. This is similar to intensive foreign language classes that are taught in college that compress two years of education into a single semester.

One substantial advantage to this approach is that you'll not only learn faster, but also be better able to retain what you learn. The vast majority of students can't help but learn a great deal because they're fully immersed in the subject.

Finding a Job

More than likely, you'll be able to find a flight school in your area that provides job placement to graduates. Many of these institutions have arrangements with airlines and can place students immediately once they're done training. Others can offer guaranteed interviews. Either alternative can be an incredible opportunity for someone who wants to start an aviation career as quickly as possible. You may also be able to start a career as an instructor, if you prefer.

While attending an accelerated flight school will require a substantial time commitment and the willingness to work extremely hard, many prospective pilots find the benefits to be well worth the effort.

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