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PLACARDS PLUSTM  was established in 2004 to design F. A. A. accepted

graphic overlays

for instrument and control panels on non-transport (private) aircraft.

PLUS, these overlays are made to cover worn panels and to make

operating cards and

touch panels for many land/marine vehicles, machinery, and training

devices, even in oily or outdoor environments.

I design  durable  custom placards that make control panels

easier to read, day and night. 

Used as "peel and stick" overlays, they are an alternative to

costly panel replacement. 

They can make an old aircraft much safer to fly.  

They can increase resale value. 

Wing fuel decals that withstand the sun, wind, water and fuel! 

Send me an email for pricing.

Compass correction cards: complete computer printed cards made to order.

UV protected. 

E-mail your STEER numbers, date, name of calibrator, the card format and

dimensions in millimeters. 

$20 for 12 mil paper cards, $30 for vinyl with an adhesive back. 

Normally "Next Day" printing for vinyl.

Please browse the page links above and look at some photos of previous work

on the Samples page. 

When you browse, you should find a bonus on this website.

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