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blank 08/06/14 09:11AM Airlines with WiFi, Internet Airline Access, Online Services, WiFi

Wi-Fi now available on almost all domestic US flights

Wi-Fi facilities are now available on almost all domestic U.S flights and many of the major airlines offer daily, weekly or monthly passes for this service. Once the go-ahead for in-flight Wi-Fi was given most major airlines outfitted themselves rapidly, with the majority opting to utilize the Gogo Inflight Internet, the main in-flight service provider to the U.S. Only Southwest has so far bucked the trend and chosen Row 44 as their provider, with the rest of Americaís airlines all following the same route.

Currently only 2 U.S airlines that offer domestic flights have failed to follow the in-flight Wi-Fi path and JetBlue and Continental are adopting a wait and see approach to determine whether they should follow suit. Judging by user responses and frequent flyers positive reactions to the service, in-flight Wi-Fi has been exceptionally well-received and is fast becoming an expected feature that may see those who have failed to jump on board, left behind.

In-flight Wi-Fi allows travelers to continue working, surf the web or even keep themselves amused playing games at sites like http://www.jackpotcity.org, offering great alternatives to an in-flight movie or a book. These activities were all, up until recently, considered land-based pursuits and the option of enjoying them in-flight has changed the travel experience for many. Several local airlines have also opted to offer promotional discounts on their Wi-Fi services around major holidays, possibly hoping to capitalize on those who want to take advantage of the facilities and offset the lack of cheap flights available during this time. Flyers can also enjoy multi-pass discounts and a variety of other special offers that are aimed at encouraging users to try out the airborne Wi-Fi facilities.

Virgin America and AirTran have both already equipped their entire fleets with Wi-Fi capabilities and other major airlines currently have several planes offering the facilities, and are adding to them regularly. The demand for in-flight Wi-Fi is growing rapidly and itís expected that in the next year all U.S domestic flights will offer the service as a standard.



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