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Zigolo: the first demonstrably practical, legal electric Ultralight?

LAKELAND, FL: The new Zigolo SSDR (Single-Seat De-Regulated) motor-glider is in the news for more than one noteworthy action this March and April:

·         The Zigolo made its first flight under electric power the day before the Sun ‘n Fun airshow began. A 26 hp electric motor coupled with 20 cells of lithium polymer battery provides plenty of power for 2 to 3 self-launches as a motor-glider or approximately 45 minutes of quiet and smooth evening or dawn patrol flights.

·         The Zigolo was then flown to the Sun ‘n Fun show for static and flight displays. This may be the first true Part 103-compliant fixed-wing aircraft to fly into a major airshow under electric power. Furthermore, it may be the first viable electric-powered aircraft to be fully compliant under Part 103, which means that no license, medical, or registration is required to own and operate the Zigolo.


Zigolo Electric Kit Built Ultra Light

View from the Sun ‘n Fun pattern

The Zigolo is available in a 100 hour quick-build kit for only $14,500. This price includes the gasoline engine, propeller, and a complete aircraft rescue parachute system.

An even better option is the Almost-Ready-To-Fly aircraft: a finished Zigolo that is then disassembled and packed in one easy-to-ship crate. “Some Assembly Required” means a pictogram assembly manual and an afternoon to put it together! Includes everything you need to fly, plus a complete aircraft parachute rescue system, all for only $16,000.

Visit Aeromarine’s new web site for Zigolo videos and more information on all of Aeromarine’s aircraft. www.aeromarine-lsa.com


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