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beLite Aircraft and Electronics Introduces New Products

beLite Aircraft



See Belite Aircraft & Electronics at Sun 'n Fun right off the Ultralight Runway.


Belite Electronics Introduces Innovative Liquid (Fuel) Probe Sensor

New sensor system inserts in bottom of any fuel tank and has no moving parts.

Belite Fuel Probe System


Hi res photos available at Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zpvsqhvwoa48jvb/oPmwmdkdxS

Wichita, KS March 31, 2014 –Belite Electronics, maker of lightweight avionics, announces its new Liquid (Fuel) Probe sensor. This patent pending new sensor system is inserted into the bottom of any fuel tank and will provide a calibrated indication of empty to full for any size or shape of fuel tank, from a minimum depth of 6" up to a maximum depth of 48". Calibration is easy, with programming switches included for setting low and high level.

The unit does not intrude significantly into the fuel tank (unlike capacitive probes) and has no moving parts (unlike float probes).  It utilizes MEMS technology sensor, and is constructed from tough stainless steel.  It is designed to be immune to shock, temperature and vibration.  

"This new liquid level probe is ideal for aviation use," said James Wiebe, CEO of Belite.  "It doesn't intrude into the fuel tank, is easier to install, works with any shape of tank and may be calibrated by the user," he continued.

"Furthermore, it is immune to mechanical failure and water contamination failure (unlike resistive and capacitive probes, respectively) and will work with any type of liquid.  Therefore, it is also ideal for applications in other areas, such as aerial agricultural tank level determination."

Priced at $199.95, the stainless steel probe includes a small electronic control module and a programming switch assembly, along with a power connection pigtail harness.

Click here to see complete specifications and installation instructions. 

Belite Electronics designs and manufactures innovative, lightweight, affordable instruments for ultralight, experimental and light aircraft.

Note: As this unit is non-TSO’d; non-PMA’s, the accuracy of this unit is not certified or guaranteed.  Use only in appropriate aircraft as a backup to certified instruments and pilot fuel calculations.  Do not use in any aircraft where such installation would violate appropriate aviation regulations. 


Belite Aircraft Introduces the ProCub LiteTM Ultralight Aircraft

New design uses CNC cut foam to smooth aerodynamics, improve looks and speed build times

beLite Aircraft


Hi res photos available at Dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/c7n18ny0zdj5eat/2akQyweIBj


Wichita, KS March 31, 2014 – Belite announces the ProCub Lite, its latest ultralight aircraft design. This new design is designed to provide a nostalgic look while incorporating numerous manufacturing and aerodynamic advances.

The overall look is that of a J3 Cub, complete with accurate tail feathers and wingtips.  Wingspan has been enhanced, and Hoerner technology has been incorporated into the wingtips for extraordinary takeoff and feathery landings.

There are many technical points within this new design.  The most unusual are as follows: 

·         The rear fuselage is manufactured using CNC cut foam with embedded aluminum or carbon fiber longerons and supports. The resulting structure is surprisingly smooth.

·         For safety and ease of assembly, the cabin is manufactured from Belite's crash-proven CNC aluminum structure.  

·         The wing is manufactured either from classic spar and rib construction, or from CNC cut foam.  All wings feature the rounded Hoerner wingtips.

·         When the CNC cut foam is selected for the wing, the overall look of the wing is nearly absolutely smooth, eliminating drag and providing a stunning visual appearance.

·         The turtledeck (upper rear fuselage) is also CNC cut foam, and provides a completely smooth, aerodynamic structure complete with nostalgic half moon windows.

The aircraft has been engineered to support a new engine, the Polini Thor 250 with water cooling, geared reduction and 36.5 HP. The flight testing has already documented extraordinary takeoff performance.

 In kit form, this new entrant to the ultralight market is priced $11,995, including everything required to build the aircraft firewall back, with the exception of glue, rivets, and covering materials.  Brakes, wheels, tires, spring gear and cowling are included. Numerous weight reduction and performance improvement options are available.

 In Ready To Fly form, the ProCub Lite may be purchased complete, FAF, for $26,895. This includes a 28HP Hirth engine with electric start, cowling, complete covering, and instruments.  Many other engine and option variations are available.



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