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blank 12/04/13 08:37AM Embraer, Sky Yacht, Video

Embraer Offers "Sky Yacht" Luxury Version Of Bizjet

Embraer is offering a "SkyYacht" model of its Lineage 1000E business jet, designed to evoke the luxury of custom yachts. The company teamed with designer Eddie Sotto, previously with Disney's Imagineering studio, to create an interior rich with wood paneling, brass fittings, and details from ancient navigation charts. Even the exterior reflects the yacht aesthetic, with "faux mahogany" across the belly and the empennage, highlighted by polished aluminum accents on the rudder and the wing leading edges. Much of the design, according to Sotto, was inspired by a custom yacht called the Thunderbird, built by master boatbuilder John Hacker in 1939.

The yacht was commissioned by George Wittell, who wanted a powerboat for use at his Lake Tahoe home to match his polished Douglas DC2. The 1000E, the largest airplane in Embraer's fleet of executive jets, is based on the E190 airliner. It has a range of 4,600 nm and sells for about $83 million. If you want one, order now and be patient -- it will take two to three years to deliver.

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