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blank 10/08/13 09:24AM Continental Direct Drive Engines, Engine Rebuild and Overhaul, Genesis Engine, Recip

D’Shannon Aviation Opens Engine Department

Engine, Recip
The new Genesis engine, by D’Shannon Aviation, ushers in a new era in reliability.

Buffalo, MN – D’Shannon Aviation recently launched an engine department in Mooresville, North Carolina that is designed to service all Continental direct drive engines, restoring them to standards that meet or exceed “factory new” specs. The top of the line rebuild, labeled the “Genesis”, incorporates ECI cylinders and approximately 20 percent more new parts than a standard overhaul. It comes with a unique warranty offering owner’s unparalleled protection.  The shop will also perform propeller strike inspections as well as component overhaul and airframe service.

While headquarters for D’Shannon will remain in Minnesota, the engine department was strategically placed in Mooresville, which is considered the center of the NASCAR universe. The town has multiple wind tunnels and some of the most extensive engine facilities and resources in the world.  It comes as no surprise then that three-fourths of the staff have been drawn from highly experienced NASCAR personnel who have spent many years in engine development.

“Our natural course of action would have been to expand our shops in Minnesota,” said Scott Erickson, President of D’Shannon. “However, when we learned of the talent and facilities that already exist in Mooresville, it was too much to pass up. All of our R&D projects will now be engineered and tested in this technology hub. This is a community that understands reliability. It is built into the local culture and that makes it a perfect fit for our expansion into rebuilding engines and developing new products for the Bonanza.”

Mike Moore, who is an engineer, engine builder and A&P, heads up D’Shannon’s Engine Department. “We’re setting new standards in the applicable technology for engine building,” Moore said. “The expertise in this shop is extraordinary. We can go beyond what most shops could even dream about.  We are incorporating this technology into the engines being released at this time.  Our goal is to be able to integrate electronic ignition and work toward a reliability and horsepower output not commonly found in the market. Utilizing alternative fuels is another goal we hope to realize in the not too distant future.  Currently, owners drop off a run-out and pick up an overhauled engine that is better than it was when their aircraft came off the factory production line.”

For more information visit d-shannon-aviation.com.






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