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blank 08/06/13 11:04AM Cabin Entertainment Systems, Sound Systems, Surround Sound in Your Aircraft

Alto Aviation Cabin Sound Systems


Alto Aviation designs and manufacturers premium cabin audio systems for corporate aviation fixed wing & rotary wing aircraft, as well as 135 & 121 operators.  We have a complete line of products including custom amplifiers, entertainment loudspeakers, subwoofers, page/chime loudspeakers and surround sound systems available for any aircraft cabin.  We offer the highest performance, lightest weight products available in the aviation market. The Alto Entertainment System (AES) offers a complete audio system with custom equalization specific to your aircraft model and floor plan.   Alto Aviation manufactures the only system in the industry that mitigates the challenges of the harsh cabin environment and allows you to achieve the best sonic performance possible.  Our innovative design approach involves:

  • Complete acoustic mapping of the aircraft cabin
  • Careful selection of system components, and guidance in optimal cabin installation
  • Proprietary computer analysis to determine the optimal system configuration
  • Customization of amplifiers to insure the perfect tonal balance and dynamic audio reproduction
  • Integration of advanced features such as nVelop(tm) full cabin surround sound

The results are revolutionary!  With most aircraft signatures already stored in our database, just tell us which aircraft you operate, send us that cabin floor plan - and let us design a premium audio system for your aircraft!

Check out our New nVELOP (tm) Surround Sound at 40,000 feet


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