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Shoulder Harness System Saves Lives...

Walking away from a crashed Cessna 182

A few weeks ago I purchased a shoulder harness kit for the Cessna 182 pictured. That's me walking away after catching a tree with the right wing during a forced landing after engine failure. I will send some more photos. I am convinced I would not have survived this without your shoulder harnesses.


Mark King
Santa Paula, Ca

Zollinger Crash

Zollinger Crash

Dear Bud:

Four years ago, when I decided to start flying into the backcountry, I saw an advertisement for your shoulder harnesses. I decided that this was a safety feature that I wanted to add to my aircraft in case a mishap were to occur.

On March 25, 2000, I tested your shoulder harnesses in an accident that could easily have claimed my life and that of my passenger. I was landing in the backcountry of Southern Utah, on a dirt strip in Happy Canyon, where I had previously had safe landings. This canyon is in a completely remote area, containing a uranium mine abandoned in the 1950's. I was flying a Cessna 182, with an IO-520, 300 horsepower engine, which was very well equipped for this type of landing. Upon approach, I was caught in a downdraft from the cliffs surrounding me, which pushed my plane into the ground with incredible force. I tried to power out, but due to the terrain, shortness of runway, and time constraints, the airplane rolled to the left side and the wind caught it again. The force of the wind rolled it 90 degrees to the ground, losing all lift, thus causing it to stall. At this point, I was approximately 50 feet in the air. The aircraft crashed, as the left side smashed into the dirt, cartwheeling upon impact.

Both my passenger and I were wearing shoulder harnesses manufactured by your company. My passenger in the right seat walked away without a scratch, after being cut out of his harness. As for myself, I ended up with a compound fracture and severely dislocated ankle, three cracked ribs and three broken ribs, and a concussion. Two things that I know for certain are that your shoulder harnesses and the immediate care of those at the scene are the reasons why my passenger and I are alive today. I can guarantee you that every plane I own in the future will indeed be equipped with your harnesses.

I have enclosed some pictures of the crash. I think you will be able to see from the pictures that it is amazing that we survived.

Rex Zollinger

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