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beLite Aircraft Instruments

Belite Aircraft, Multi-Function Instrument


The Multi-Function Instrument has all the function a pilot wants to see in a brilliant, easy to read format.

Actual size is 4" x 4.9".

It features a new Air Speed Indicator with an extra large format display, available in L (low version) 18-80 mph or H (high version) 16-140 KIAS. The unit also includes up to five other major functions: Fuel Gauge Turn Rate Indicator, Inclinometer, Vertical Speed, Angle Of Attack and Gear Status.

The unit’s design is modular, allowing the user to select options.

The key features of this product are:

• Brilliant display based on daylight readable LEDs. The display is easily and comfortably read in direct sunlight. The display is also dimmable.

• Large size. The active length of the Airspeed arc is 4.25”. This product is ideal for pilots who want to see their airspeed easily, without having to focus on much smaller 2.25” or even 3” airspeed indicators.

• Large speed range. The ASI shows speeds from either 18-80 mph or 16-140 KIAS>

• Excellent airspeed representation. The airspeed display is a brightly lit arc, not a linear line or a digital indicator or a washed out LCD graphics display.

• Fuel Gauge. Compatible with either resistive or capacitive senders.

• Turn Coordinator. The unit utilizes Belite’s popular solid state digital Turn Coordinator, which has a standard two minute turn rate indicator and a solid state inclinometer.

• Vertical Speed indicator. The optional VSI display shows aircraft climb rate information to +/- 2600 FPM, in 50 foot increments.

• Gear Indicator. Three general purpose warning lights may be attached to any 3 limit switches, for example, gear indication. They are general purpose and may be used for anything the builder desires.

• Angle of Attack. The unit accepts an input from Belite’s Angle of Attack detector.

• All configurations include the general purpose warning (gear) indicators.

The unit may be used by any experimental aircraft builder or ultralight owner.


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