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blank 12/17/12 01:59PM Air Safety Institute, AOPA

Top 10 Air Safety Institute products of 2012
Training and Safety

A pilot's quest to understand a small but haunting critical mistake he made as PIC - and help others avoid similar errors - led to the development of the Air Safety Institute's most-viewed new product of 2012.

Tens of thousands of pilots learned about the insidious effects of stress through the Air Safety Institute's No Greater Burden a sobering look at the grave consequences of a relatively small error. The institute's other popular educational products included a pilot's first-person account of an unexpected descent through clouds; resources about the dangers of thunderstorms; and a look at what a few minutes' delay in weather data can mean for a pilot flying in the vicinity of storms. Did you miss any of these educational multimedia products?

  1. No Greater Burden. This video looks at one pilot's tragedy, the devastation it wrought, and the lessons all of us can take from it.
  2. Real Pilot Story: Trapped on Top. When clouds closed in below him, a pilot who was not instrument current found himself dealing with an unexpected IFR descent - and then lost his engine.
  3. Ask ATC: Storm Week. What can ATC do for you en route if there are thunderstorms? In this video, a controller gives advice to pilots.
  4. Accident Case Study: Time Lapse. This re-creation takes an in-depth look at a fatal accident involving a delay in Nexrad in-cockpit weather.
  5. Real Pilot Story: Ambushed by Ice. Climb in the right seat as this pilot recounts his unexpected struggle in ice-filled clouds that nearly brought down his Cessna 182.
  6. Storm Week recorded webcast. Learned about thunderstorms, and how cockpit weather and ATC can help you, in this recorded webcast that debuted during Storm Week.
  7. Ask ATC: Assigned Runway. Does a student pilot have to accept the assigned runway? ATC provides insight in this video.
  8. Ask ATC: Student Pilots. Should a student pilot advise ATC upon initial contact that he or she is a student? A controller answers the question in this video.
  9. Safety Quiz: Thunderstorms. How much do you know about thunderstorms? Test your knowledge with this 10-question quiz.
  10. Runway Flash Cards. Pilots can brush up on runway safety with this set of flash cards.
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