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blank 03/07/11 12:52PM AOPA, Poll, Privacy Provisions.Blocking Aircraft

Poll: Do you favor or oppose a privacy provision that would allow aircraft operators to continue to

  • Private aircraft operators have historically been able to elect for privacy reasons to block the reporting of their aircraft's flight activities by commercial organizations that track aircraft movements around the country by registration numbers. The Department of Transportation is now asking for comments on an action that would remove this privacy provision except in cases where there is a "verifiable threat to person, property or company, including a threat of death, kidnapping or serious bodily harm" or "a recent history of violent terrorist activity in the geographic area in which the transportation is provided."

    Check out poll results in Wednesday's eBrief. The results from the poll questions in Aviation eBrief do not necessarily represent the views of pilots, aircraft owners or AOPA members and therefore should not be used for research purposes.

Favor a privacy provision for aircraft
Oppose a privacy provision for aircraft

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