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General Overview

The Aviation Services Directory is designed with the "End User" in mind, The "Decision Maker". The person who Specs Out, Bids Out and Buys your products or services.

It is the first all inclusive Aviation Directory completely portable. It is available only on CD and is FREE to YOUR CUSTOMER!

Our extensive database connects aviation professionals throughout the United States and Canada. Each business is identified by type, and then listed in the corresponding category to easily identify the product or service offered.

Web addresses and contact emails are included to aid the buyer in researching your firm and to contact you for further information.

Our HTML format allows for easy reading and quick scanning to find exactly what your customer is looking for. It is presented in book form so all ad copy and listings are easily read. If you cannot find what your looking for on the CD, chances are you will find it here at our web site which is updated on a weekly basis as new information is submitted.

The directory is distributed to the aviation community through trade shows, air show events, as well as purchasing agents, customer service people and the IA and AP people. The ASD can also be found at selected FBO's that maintain maintenance facilities as well as flight schools and charter companies and aircraft sales firms. Manufacturers of various aircraft components are mailed the CD once a year as well as selected Fortune companies that maintain fleet aircraft.

We urge you to consider this opportunity. The easy to read HTML format and method of distribution makes this an outstanding buy.

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Premium Placements

"Opening Page" - Placement Package

Your ad will be one of our anchor ads, placed on the Home page of the directory. Every visitor sees this page first when they enter the online directory or opens the CD. This is the best possible exposure the directory has to offer. You also receive a 360 x 50 banner ad that will be placed in our flashing banner system.

The ASD "Flashing Banner" system flashes a new banner every 15 seconds. This system is much more effective than the traditional "one banner impression per page" systems. For example: Let's say there are 1,000 people that are accessing information from our directory and spend an average of 30 minutes each. Let's say in that 30 minutes each person went to an average of 4 pages. The traditional systems would show 1,000 banner impressions x the 4 pages or 4,000 banner impressions. The ASD system would show 4 banners every minute, times 30 minutes or 120 banners. Now multiply that times the 1,000 visitors and that is 120,000 banners impressions during the same time period. That is exposure!

As a premium placement, your banner will be placed in the Flashing system and rotate through the entire site.

Premium "Category" Placement

Your Platinum Ad will be placed in the opening position of the category of your choice. Your 468 x 60 banner ad will be placed in the flashing system, and shown on all directory pages. This also is a powerful advertising package.

"Platinum" Ad

Your Platinum Ad will be placed in Ten categories of your choice. Your ad will be two columns wide and the entire length of the page vertically.

"Gold" Ad

Your Gold Ad will be placed in Eight Categories of your choice.

"Silver" Ad

Your Silver Ad will be placed in Seven Categories of your choice.

"Bronze" Ad

Your Bronze Ad will be placed in Five Categories of your choice.

The Team at ASD

Jim Matthews, Publisher

Chet Hayes, Editor