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About Us

The Team at ASD brings to you over 58 years of experience in sales and marketing in the Aviation Industry.

The mission of Aviation Services Directory is to connect you to the most current Industry information we possibly can, in an easily understood, user friendly format. Our job is to connect the buyer and the seller throughout North America and the World.

After witnessing tremendous changes in the way we do business, ASD was founded with one goal in mind--- bring the Buyer and Seller together in an environment that is easily accessed, user friendly, portable and available 24 hours a day.

Businessmen are in a hurry for answers to questions. In order to Spec out, Bid out and make their Purchasing Decisions they need to be able to find, negotiate and buy from those companies that can satisfy their needs, and they need to do it FAST!!


We have compiled the first �Portable� Service Directory online and on CD. We hope to make it the Premier Source for all your Aviation Purchasing Decisions.

Need a part for that Cessna? We have it. How about a windshield for that Mooney? Tires, hoses, rivets, nuts, bolts, an FBO, gas, turbochargers? We have compiled the most accurate data base of Aviation businesses and services in North America.

Our web site is updated weekly with the most current information available. Each entry on our data base has been verified, ensuring that all business and service information is current and correct. Every 6 months our CD is updated and redistributed to the Aviation Industry AT NO CHARGE.

We hope you will return often as we grow into the 21st Century.

The Team at ASD
Jim- Publisher
Ron-Editor and Director of Marketing
Jason-Web Master